Garminstrap was created in 2015 for the customer that is looking for stylish watch band replacements for his Garmin watch on a regular basis without having to break the bank.

Why shop with us?

It's simple! Because we share the same passion as you when it comes to our watch. We love our watch and want to get the most out of it by changing our straps regularly to match our different needs. We want a high quality band, with a flashy look, at a price that that can afford us to change our straps regularly. We want our watch to be a dressy timepiece when we feel dressy, or a casual watch when we knock around. We want our watch to tell everyone that we're not just anyone- we're special!

With that need in mind, we created A website that will offer you high quality watch straps for your Garmin watch, with options of leathers, skins, and details, at prices that will have you changing your strap for every occasion.